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Since The Bushwackers released The Dance Album way back in 1981, generations of  school kids have danced in halls and playgrounds to the music of The Bushwackers.

There’s barely an Australian adult under 40 who didn’t learn ‘The Heel and Toe Polka’ to the strains of The Bushwackers Dance Album blaring through the speakers. When our audiences ask us now what ‘hits’ we may have had, we often say “Did you learn The Heel and Toe at school?” and they invariably smile and say “yes”.

 The Bushwackers Official Dance Album

Copyright The Bushwackers 2011 - Dance Illustration

The chances are your school has a well-worn copy of our Bush Dance cassette tape.

Over the years we’veThe Bushwackers Emu had received hundreds of inquiries about the Dance Album with the dance calls.

We decided to remake our popular 1980 ‘Dance Album’  to celebrate our 40th Anniversary.

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