For Schools

The Dance Album Pack is the ONE complete product for teaching Bushdancing in schools for over 40 years.

Since The Bushwackers released The Dance Album way back in 1981, generations of  school kids have danced in halls and playgrounds to the music of The Bushwackers.

7 great reasons to teach Bushdancing

• Easy to teach from ages K-6 & 7-12

• Easy to follow dance steps, no expertise or dance ability required

• Bushdancing connects students to a fun, positive healthy activity

• Students experience non-threatening social interaction

• Students experience listening, following instructions and organising teams for dancing

• Breaks the hold on technology. No phones/devices required while bushdancing!

• Tried and tested in schools for over 40 years.

Copyright The Bushwackers 2011 - Dance Illustration

 The Bushwackers Official Dance Album

The chances are your school has a well-worn copy of our Bush Dance cassette tape. The Offical Dance Album is the re-released of the original. 




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