We are counting down the final days until our 43rd birthday and the Eureka Big Birthday Bash on December 6th.

Some of our good mates and friends in the industry have been sending us birthday messages, so we thought we would share the love with you…

Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy Happy 43rd! (1) from Roger on Vimeo.

From Warren Fahey AM
Cultural Historian
Graduate of the Dingo University

Gosh, the Bushwacker’s Band is hitting 43 years of music-making. It is totally appropriate that such an occasion coincides with that of Eureka since they are both signposts of Australia’s independent and rebellious spirit.

The Bushwackers were formed at a time when Australia was a different country. In that year, 1971, we finally pulled out of the Vietnam War, Bob Dyer hosted his last ‘Pick-a-Box’ program, Neville Bonner became our first indigenous parliamentarian and Daddy Cool had a hit with ‘Eagle Rock’. It was also the year a folk song hit the pop charts with Rod Stewart doing strange things to ‘Maggie May’. It was a changing of the guard with the deaths of Chips Rafferty, Kenneth Slessor and Robyn Boyd and the birth year of Julian Assange, Danni Minogue and Adam Gilchrist. A lot of water has passed under the bridge and The Bushies still play on. Long may they sing to remind us of our unique stories.

From Carl Gardiner
General Manager
Mushroom Marketing

As Mushroom celebrates 40 years in the Australian Music Industry we reflect on the contributions made by many talented musicians and their songs and live  performances.

In this context it is amazing  to think that The Bushwackers are celebrating 43 years of  producing quality  music and great live shows  that have always reflected our  unique Australian spirit.

An achievement well worth celebrating with them at the Thornbury Theatre.


Mark Moffatt
Americana Music Association

Happy birthday Bushies!
The 2013 Americana awards, festival and conference week was the best yet from an international perspective.A personal highpoint of the festival was seeing how amazingly great the Bushwackers are as a band – the audience response was enormous and made me wish they could reach a wider audience in the US.


The Bushwackers Eureka Big Birthday Bash is on Friday, December 6th at the Thornbury Theatre. More info HERE >