“The Australian Band”  Rolling Stone Magazine.

The Bushwackers are Australia’s best-known, most-loved Australiana band, celebrating almost 50 years of performance.  

The Bushwackers play Australian music, much of it based on the traditional folk and working songs from the early 20th century, infused with their own brand of contemporary subject matter and instrumentation.

With a laconic, distinctive Australian sound, Dobe Newton and Roger Corbett voice 50 years of songs, tunes and dance calls.  As much as the music has changed, the spirit of the songs and stories that inspired the first Bushwackers have not.

With their politics and social conscience proudly worn on their sleeve, the band combines original material with a traditional repertoire.  Songs such as ‘Beneath The Southern Cross’ and ‘When Britannia Ruled The Waves’, sit easily alongside a musical setting of Lawson’s epic poem ‘Faces in The Street’ and ‘The Ballad of 1891’ celebrating the great shearers’ strike.

More recently is the irreverent and controversial ‘Marijuana Australiana Rehashed’, a great crowd favourite together with ‘Leave in The Ground’ highlighting the fight against the mining companies in Australia.

Often an enthusiasm not shared by a number of members of the constabulary who regularly take the band to task with issues such as becoming a republic, equality, cultural diversity and more recently, climate change and legislation of medical marijuana.

The Bushwackers continue to take their unique Australiana brand of music through the country and around the world, bringing spirit and energy to festivals, clubs, pubs, schools and events.

The Bush dances in the late 70’s and early to mid 80’s saw the band’s Bush Dance Spectaculars attract 2000 – 3000 people to major venues throughout Australia.  The Dance Album and the accompanying instructional Dance Book became, and remain, a primary school staple across the nation, with scarcely a school kid alive who hasn’t learnt a bit of bush dancing to the music of The Bushwackers.

Now in their 49th year, The Bushwackers are led by the mighty lagerphone of Dobe Newton and the musical direction of Roger Corbett.  Both are joined onstage with a great team of musicians wielding fiddles, accordions, mandolins, guitars, bass, and drums.  Their shows are filled with an enthusiastic diversity of fans who dance, sing and enjoy this unique Australian music.

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 The current band* line up includes:


Dobe Newton

Roger Corbett

Clare O’Meara

Sarah Bussutil

Silas Palmer

Oscar Lupaczuk

Declan O’Neill

Ali Foster

Tony O’Neill

Mark Oats

Michael Vidale

Liam Kennedy-Clark

Andy Gatus

Dave Roberts

Sue Carson

Gabi Blissett

Rory Phillips

* May also include members from the Roll of Renown.

The Roll Of Renown

Over the last 50 years, The Bushwackers has been home to over 95 band members. Some cutting their musical teeth on the road, others stepping up for 100+ shows.

Here is a tribute list to them all.



Dave Isom (1971 – 74) – Guitar, Vocals

Bert Khanoff (1971-73) – Lagerphone

Sylvester Kroyher (1971-72) – Fiddle

John Spencer (1971-72) – Banjo, Mandolin

Jan Wositzky (1971-81) – Banjo, Vocals, Bass, Bush Percussion

John Millard (1972-73) – Whistle, Flute

Mick Slocum (1971-79) – Accordion, vocals

Davey Kidd (1971-73, 76-78) – Fiddle

Tony Hunt (1973-76) – Fiddle

Dobe Newton (1973-present) – Lagerphone, Vocals, Whistle

Pete Howell (1974-76) – Bass

Dave Brannigan (1975) – Guitar

Louis McManus (1976-78, 80-84) – Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin

Pete Farndon (1976-78) – Bass

Dave Mattacks (UK 1976) – Drums

John Fitzgerald (1977) – Guitar, fiddle

Chris Duffy (1978) – Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle

Hugh McDonald (1978) – Bass, guitar

Jim Fisher (1978-79) – Guitar

Doug Gallagher (1978) – Drums

Fred Kuhnl (1978-79) – Bass

Greg Martin (1978-80_ – Drums

Stever Groves (1978-79, 83-85) – Guitar

Michael Harris (1979-82, 84) – Fiddle

Andy Colville (1979-80) – Guitar



Roger Corbett (1980-present) – Bass, Vocals, Guitar

Eddie van Rosendael (1980-81) – Drums

Freddie Strauks (1982-83) – Drums

Tony O’Neill (1982-83, 85, 2006, 2012) – Fiddle, Mandolin, Banjo

Tommy Emmanuel (1983-84) – Guitar

Robbie Ross (1983-85) – Drums

Dan Bourke (1983-90) – Fiddle

Michael Fix (1984, 94) – Guitar

Mario Gregorie (1984) – Keyboards

Peter Northcote (1985) – Guitar

Des McKenna (1986) – Drums

Mick Hyder (1986) – Fiddle

Peter Koewn (1986-87) – Drums

Steve Fearnley (1987-88) – Drums

Spiro Phillipas (1985) – Bass

Phil Emmanuel (1987) – Guitar

Brendan OShea (1987) – Bass

Pat Drummond (1987) – Guitar

Simon Patterson (1988) – Guitar

Bob Donaldson (1989-91) – Drums



Melanie Williamson (1993-98) – Accordion, Guitar

Mark Oats (1993-present) – Fiddle

Steve Housden (1993-94) – Guitar

Peter Keown (1993) – Drums

Pete Drummond (1993-2003) – Drums

Pete Malone (1994-5) – Guitar

Brad Johns (1995-96) – Guitar

Guy Dutton (1995-96) – Guitar

Tim Gaze (1996-2002) – Guitar

Dave O’Neill (1996-97) – Fiddle

Hanuman Dass (1997) – Bass

Willie Kwa (1998) – Drums

Pamela Drysdale (1998-2002) – Accordion, Vocals

Mike Kerrin (1999) – Fiddle



Andrew Clermont (2002) – Fiddle

Clare O’Meara (2002-present) – Fiddle, Accordion

Matt Hanley (2003) – Guitar

Justin Duggan (2003-2008) – Drums

Duncan Toombs (2003-05) – Guitar

Michael Vidale (2005-18) – Bass

Brad Bergen (2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011) – Drums

Mark Miller (US 2006) – Bass

Rick Shell (US 2006) – Drums

Ben Corbett (2007-2019) – Guitar, bass

Gary Steel (2007) – Accordion

Adrian Cannon (2009) – Drums



David Hicks (2010) – Drums

Declan O’Neil (2010) – Drums

Brad Bergen (2011) – Drums

Andy Gatus ( 2012 – 2019) – Drums