Dobe Newton

Vocals, Lagerphone, Whistle, Bush Percussion.

Dobe Newton – the front man in the crazy custom made suits confesses to always being a singing ‘dag’ who the late 1960’s Dobe was saved from his university studies and real life plans to be a lawyer by a bunch of Irish folkies who introduced him to the Dubliners. He was handed a lagerphone and a tin whistle, and bush music nestled in his bones.

In 1972 Dobe joined The original Bushwhackers and Bullockies Bush Band, The band quickly established ‘legendary’ pub residencies in Melbourne’s inner north, and soon turned their attention to the folk revival that was sweeping Europe, led by English folk/rock bands Steeleye Span, Fairport Convention and The Albion Band, all featuring the cream of traditional players in new and exciting electric music experiments.

Five European tours over the next seven years, which saw the band establish a significant reputation and fan base as energetic, skilful interpreters of a unique Antipodean version of the anglo/celtic tradition.The musical influences encountered and the lessons learned from a decade of touring, had made Dobe determined to establish the Bushies at the forefront of Australia’s contemporary music acts.

After more than a decade of life spent almost entirely touring Australia and Europe, Dobe’s thoughts turned to home and hearth – more particularly, to the matter of raising a family.

With two beautiful boys – Bill and Dan to enjoy, Dobe looked for other music-related things to do during the Bushies ‘semi retirement’ from full-time touring and headed the recently formed WA Music Industry Association and establish the WA Music Industry Awards, followed by a return to Melbourne as CEO of the Victorian Rock Foundation and Melbourne Music Festival, and time as National Director of Ausmusic’s Australian Music Week.

Running workshops, conferences, seminars and organising gigs in WA and Victoria reignited the passion for education, and Dobe accepted an offer to join the teaching staff offering Australia’s first TAFE course in Music Business.

Dobes commitment to the growth of Australian Music saw him as a member of the CMAA Board and Executive for 10 years, to the planning and establishment, and development of the Australian College of Country Music.

Remember the target ads in the 90’s with that home-grown voice? Dobe’s voiced the multi-award winning TV and radio ad for sixteen years and can still be heard being ‘friendly’, ‘sincere’ and proudly Australian for a variety of products and causes.

Dobe continues to do what he loves best – belting the hell out of the lagerphone more than anything else he can think of – well, just about anything!