Something magical happens when people dance together at a bush dance.

Bush Dancing is for the old and young, little kids, parents, grandparents and families all joining together to master the simple moves and joy of bush dancing.

There’s barely an Australian adult under 40 who didn’t learn ‘The Heel and Toe Polka’ to the strains The Bushwackers Dance Album. 

Since The Bushwackers released The Dance Album way back in 1981, generations of Australians have listened for the calls and stepped the boards to the music of The Bushwackers.

From Latrobe University in the 70’s and Centenary Hall in Melbourne, Paddington Town Hall, Birkenhead Point and the Horden Pavillion in Sydney, The Bushwackers continue to celebrate the music and spirit of bush dancing with 1000’s of people all over the world.  

The Bushwackers Official Dance Album re-released in 2011 is the only ‘official’ complete recording with dance calls and bonus tracks.

Bush dancing for schools

The Offical Dance Album is the ONE complete product for teaching and bush dancing in primary and high schools for over 40 years.

The Offical Dance Pack contains all the dance calls, the instructions, and the music for all the popular bush dances.

•  Quick to teach, easy to learn instructions for Early Primary to High School.

• Steps are natural and simple to learn. You don’t need to be an expert or experienced dancer.

• The dance moves are the same for boys and girls.

• With 40 years of Bushdancing success in schools, everywhere from Humpty Doo to Hobart, the Official Dance Album is the one product for your school.

• Bushdancing in schools creates a great connection between people of all ages.

• Bushdancing in schools is a fun, healthy, energetic and positive way to get exercise.

• Bushdancing in schools is ideal for teaching listening skills, following instructions, working in a team.

• You can’t Bushdance and be on your device.