Bushdancing For Schools


The Official Dance Pack for Bushdancing in schools.

The ‘must have’ ONE complete product for teaching Bushdancing in primary and high schools for over 40 years.




The Bushwackers released The Dance Album in 1981 giving rise to a generation of Australian school kids who learned to dance in playgrounds and school halls.

Now Bushdancing is being learned by the next generation of Aussie children.
The ‘Heel and Toe Polka’, ‘The Waves of Bondi’ and ‘Strip The Willow’ is ringing out to the music of the Bushwackers in Aussie schools across the country.

• Bushdancing in schools creates a great connection between people of all ages.

• Bushdancing in schools is a fun, healthy, energetic and positive way to get exercise.

• Bushdancing in schools is ideal for teaching listening skills, following instructions, working in a team.

• You can’t Bushdance and be on your device.



The re-recorded Official Bushwackers Dance Album For Schools is the ONE complete package with everything needed to teach this uniquely Australian form of dance.

THE accompanying book contains all the dance calls, the instructions, and the music for all the popular Bushdances.

•  Quick to teach, easy to learn instructions for Early Primary to High School.

• Steps are natural and simple to learn. You don’t need to be an expert or experienced dancer.

• The dance moves are the same for boys and girls.

• With 40 years of Bushdancing success in schools, everywhere from Humpty Doo to Hobart, the Official Dance Album is the one product for your school.


From The Bushwackers :

 “We are so proud that our music has been used around the country for the last 40 years. It’s a very special privilege to be a part of every Australian child’s school years”


Great reasons to teach Bushdancing

• Easy to teach from ages K-6 & 7-12

• Easy to follow dance steps, no expertise or dance ability required

• Connects students to a fun, positive healthy activity

• Students experience listening, following instructions and organising teams for dancing

• Breaks the hold on technology. No phones/devices required while bushdancing!

• Tried and tested in schools for over 40 years.


The complete teaching pack includes:

Music for 10 popular dances PLUS 3 bonus dance tracks

Music for all dances with spoken dance calls and simple spoken word instructions

32 page illustrated wirobound dance book with clear teaching instructions and dance formations for each dance step, a fast, easy, get you dancing resource


Featuring the Gold Guitar winning, 40th CMAA Country Music Award, Toyota Heritage Song of The Year, ‘I AM AUSTRALIAN’ and the popular ‘The Night Of The Bush Dance’ both co-written by The Bushwackers lead singer, Dobe Newton.


The Bushwackers are an approved supplier for the NSW EDConnect System.
Supplier number 100137808


There’s barely an Australian adult under 40 who didn’t learn ‘The Heel and Toe Polka’ to the strains of The Bushwackers Dance Album blaring through the school yard speakers.
Re-released in 2011 The Official Dance Album is a double CD set which captures all the excitement and energy of Bushdancing for schools and communities across Australia, New Zealand and USA.



Disc 1

Heel and Toe (Short)
The Heel And Toe Polka (Long)
The Queensland Backstep
Strip The Willow
The Drongo Tunes (A) (B) (C) & (D)
The Barn Dance
The Pride Of Erin
The Waves Of Bondi
The Stockyards 
The Bridge
The Night Of The Bush Dance BONUS TRACK
I Am Australian BONUS TRACK

Disc 2 ( with dance calls and spoken word instructions)

Ned Kelly’s Farewell – BONUS TRACK 
Soldier’s Joy – BONUS TRACK 
Heel And Toe Polkas (Short Versio… 
Heel And Toe Polkas (Progressive With Call)
The Queensland Backstep  

The Drongo (A) (B) (C) & (D)
Strip The Willow
The Barn Dance
The Waves Of Bondi
The Stockyards
Under The Bridge
The Pride Of Erin

Please note: The Illustrated Dance book does not include the original sheet music.