The Bushwackers, Australia’s premier bush/rock/folk band proudly announces a nomination for a Golden Guitar award to be decided at the 42nd Country Music Awards on January the 25th 2014 at Tamworth.

The Bushwackers have previously won three Golden Guitar Awards in three different categories: Instrumental of the Year, Bush Ballad of the Year and Heritage Song of the Year. This time their nomination is in the relatively new category of Alternative Country Album of the Year.

Lead singer Dobe Newton says “We have just returned from performances at the Americana Conference in Nashville in September this year, you could say, we showed ‘em what Aussie music is all about…the Americans certainly embraced our music”.

The Bushwackers don’t categorise themselves as ‘alternative’, however they certainly fulfil expectations of ‘alternative’ or ‘roots’ music with songs drawing from a diverse range of influences including folk, rock, pop, bluegrass and country. “We reckon we certainly belong in this group of alternative country artists.” says Dobe.

Roger Corbett adds, “Country music in Australia is a diverse genre drawn from many styles and the Bushwackers are delighted to be considered an integral part of that mix”.

The Bushwackers are working up to their 43rd Birthday Bash that coincides with the anniversary of the Eureka Stockade on December the 6th at the Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne and of course will be returning to the Tamworth Festival in January 2014, their ‘second home’ for the ever popular shows at the Longyard Hotel and the Tamworth Town Hall.

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