Bushwackers Bush Dance at Birkenhead Point Circa 1980

Remember the good old days back in the 80’s and 90’s when we would gather at Paddington Town Hall or Birkenhead Point for a Bush dance event with all our friends and family? Well those days are back with our first dance in 20 years in Sydney. come along and support this great event on May the 27th in Marrickville


Tickets: $27.50. Conc: $22.50. Kids: $5.

Parking area on site.
There will be a licensed bar (No BYO). Soft drinks and food will also be on sale.
In May this year The Bushwackers held a big bush dance at the Addison Rd Community Centre. This was their first bush dance in Sydney for over 25 years, but was so successful that they are doing it again!
In the 80s The Bushwackers were well known for their legendary Bush Dances at Paddington & Sydney Town Hall, and their Giant Bush Dances at Birkenhead Point. 
This show can be enjoyed as a dance or a concert, or a mixture of both. There will be called group dances, there will also be songs and tunes that you can dance or jump around to, and there’ll be songs that you might prefer to sit and listen to. There will be plenty of seating, and plenty of space for dancing. 
(This dance is also helping to raise money for Action against WestCONnex & the Addison Rd Community Centre.)