2014 could be the year for the saying “It’s been a while since“.  It’s been a while since the Gold Rush, it’s been a while since the Bushwackers toured in regional in Victoria and NSW. It’s also been a while since the Bushwackers have done a TV commercial (or that may come into the category of never)! So far in 2014 we’ve been  saying “It’s been a while”, for a while.

We have been preparing for The Bushwackers Gold Rush Tour for a while! Roger Corbett (he wears the red spotty tie) has been driving around the Gold Rush towns of regional Victoria and NSW in pursuit of Gold Rush fever. He has found some historic and interesting things. If you have never been to these places you should get out there and have a good look around. They are fascinating places.

The Gold Rush transformed our society in those mid 1800’s. Thousands of prospectors from every corner of the globe arrived with a dream and a shovel. Most never found anything much, but many thousands stayed on in Australia and went on the land or went on the wallaby to find their fortune in other ways.

The Gold Rush period echoes the minerals boom we have now in many ways. The rise of hopes and expectations and the inevitable downturn leaving disappointment and rebirth it its wake. Australia truly is a lucky country and it has been for the many immigrants who came to this land to find their fortune. It may have not been a golden nugget but perhaps from the golden fleece or in the vast cattle country.

This is a lucky country, enjoying perhaps the best lifestyle in the world and you get to come along to our shows and experience Australia in song with us. We’d love to see you at our theatre shows to enjoy our presentation of the Gold Rush years and beyond.

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