Today we are going out on a limb and launching a ‘Pozilbe’ crowd sourcing campaign. WHY? Because we have been in invited to perform in Nashville for the Americana Festival and Music City Roots in September 2013.

This is a big deal for us, we’ll be playing alongside the absolute legends of Americana music and hopefully they’ll get a great big dose of Aussie music songs and culture from the Bushwackers.

We hope to take the whole band! To do that we need more funds than we bargained for, so today we are launching a ‘Pozible’ crowd funding campaign and we would really like your fabulous support.

‘Pozible’ crowd funding is a great way to help your favourite band achieve some significant milestones. The idea is you show your support by way of buying rewards for your support.

We have put together lots of very ‘Bushwacker’ rewards that we think you will love, including a Dobe original suit, dinner and a show with Dobe and Roger, Cd’s and merchandise, posters and so on.

The big thing is that we will be taking you along with us (via the internet). We’ll be filming the whole experience every day and beaming them back to you with photos, videos and interviews, thoughts and funny stories. It will be just like being on the road with us, lots of fun for both you and us.

But by far the best reward is simply knowing that you’ve helped us achieve this goal.

To pledge you support: visit

1. view our ‘Pozible’ page

2. watch the video

3. choose a reward.

Thank you in advance for your help, feel free to share it around your family, friends and Facebook, everything helps.

Extra note: we hope you can help, ‘cos if we don’t reach our target we’ll get zero, nada, nuffink and we’ll be eating leftovers!