Iso Heel ‘n’ Toe

The Bushwackers Bushdance Wintermoon Festival 2012

We want to inject a little joy and energy into your iso/Covid life with the world’s first virtual Heel ‘n’ Toe Polka.

Wanna join in?

Our plan is to produce a little movie of hundreds of people dancing the Heel ‘n’ Toe Polka in their lounge rooms, kitchens, schools, parks, gardens, the beach, wherever dancing inspiration strikes you.

Need the dance steps? Here is Roger demonstrating the Heel ‘n’ Toe with the students of Maitland Public School. 


Here’s how you can join us:

Follow the instructional steps below. The important thing to remember is you need both a music playing device and a recording device and of course, to have plenty of fun.

Follow these steps:


Download the Heel ‘n’ Toe Polka MP3 track below or stream (long version) on Spotify >> HERE


Use a phone to video the dancing in landscape mode




Get your dancers ready

(family, friends, neighbours, students etc).



Play the music track on a separate device* and film your dancing.

*(ie. an additional phone, laptop, computer, music player etc).


Name your file (surname) and upload the video from your phone to DROPBOX via the upload button below

(you may need to download the free Dropbox App onto your phone, from the APP store)

Link to the Dropbox App for OS >> here

Link to the Dropbox App for Android >> here

Once you upload your video file into the Dropbox, we will do the rest!

You can also send us an email to say your file is uploaded and we will check it for you.

Stay tuned to our socials to see everyone dancing the world’s first Iso/virtual Heel ‘n’ Toe’.

Email us >>HERE

Tips for making it easy and fun:

• Consider using a tripod and/or have someone who is not dancing film for you.

• Do a test video before filming the final take.

• Make sure we can clearly see you and your dance crew on the film.

• Don’t be shy, even if you dance on your own.

• Have plenty of light.

• For extra fun, dress up in your favourite ‘Bushwackiest’ outfit