Hi everybody,

The Bushwackers are recording our new studio album and we’re pleased to say it’s nearly finished. We’re releasing the first single ‘LEAVE IT IN THE GROUND’ because this is such a hot button issue and we think this song may just make a difference to communities fighting against the mining companies in their relentless quest for more and more profit at the expense of farmland and agriculture.

Surely a clever progressive nation like Australia can do better in 2016 than simply digging it up and shipping it out!! Please share the film clip that’s on our youtube channel with anybody you think needs to hear it. Thank you to Allan Caswell who sat down with Roger to write this great anthem. And good on you Dobe for putting together the slide show for youtube.

Leave It In The Ground will be available for download on iTunes soon, followed by the release of the new album.

Buy Leave It In The Ground on iTunes HERE