You’ve loved the last two Bushwackers Australian Songbook albums with their combination of some newly recorded songs from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s as well as new original songs like this ‘Is the Place’, ‘The Road to Thargomindah’ and ‘The Good Old Days’ – we have even won a few Golden Guitars for  them!

It is time to dust off a space on your CD shelf because it will soon be time to add to your Bushwackers  Australian Songbook collection with the brand new Australian Songbook 3.

Again we are recording some great old favourites as well as some cracking original songs we know you’re going to love. We’ll be launching the new album at 2013 Tamworth Country Music Festival so make sure you get a copy and get it signed when you’re at one of our shows.

We are well and truly in the planning and looking forward to Tamworth lead-up. We have another  full Bushwackers programme for 2013 with all your favourite shows included. Due to popular demand we’re putting on the Beach Party again on Saturday the 19th. This is a huge amount of fun with lots of special guests and general mayhem including the Barbara Ann comp, ridicuous songs and of course large slabs of Bushwackers music. We have our Friday Show at the Longyard in Concert. Our Australia Day Show on the Saturday 26th and The fabulous Chardonnay Show on the Sunday 27th.