Whatever we do, it’s all been for you, but oh, how the memories have flown

The Bushwackers take listeners on a journey of 48 years in their latest single, Oh How The Memories Have Flown, and the accompanying video.

The legendary bush band are never afraid to tackle the controversial issues, but this single has them reminiscing about their 48 years together.

The opening notes of Roger Corbett’s harmonica welcome listeners to Dobe Newton’s gravelly tones as he recounts the stories of generations of families who have enjoyed The Bushwackers over the years.

“After every show, we get people telling us how their parents brought them to our shows and now they are bringing their children and grand children,” Dobe said.

“We are a band that has always appealed to multi-generational audiences, so it’s lovely when people tell us their stories of listening to The Bushwackers since they were young.”

Roger penned the song after listening to many of these stories and having a five-year-old boy tell him he’d learned all the words to Beneath The Southern Cross.

“The boy’s parents had brought him to our shows when he was young and he’d enjoyed the show so much that he had gone home and learned all the words and then sung them back to me,” he said.

“It is amazing that the band has touched so many people’s lives over the years and this song and the video was a way of celebrating that.”

Golden Guitar winner Lachlan Bryan directed the clip, which has the band looking through their memorabilia from their nearly 50-year history and was shot in Melbourne.

The Bushwackers release Oh How The Memories Have Flown on Friday, July 13 and are available for interviews.