Dyed In The Wool – Digital Only


2020 ALBUM on digital only. (CD no longer in stock)
FEATURING the hit singles, Marijuana Australiana


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Now in our 49th year as a touring band, we recorded this album (our 26th) as a tribute to those early days; pre-electric guitars and drums. We hope you’ll enjoy listening to these songs as much as we’ve enjoyed revisiting our roots.


1. Jog Along 'til Shearing

2. All For Me Grog

3. Another Fall Of Rain

4. Marijuana Australiana Rehashed

5. Billy Of Tea

6. Lazy Harrys

7. Euabalong Ball

8. Ryebuck Shearer

9. Eumerella Shore

10. Backblock Shearer

11. Limejuice Tub

12. The Overlanders

13. Falsh Jack From Gundagai

14. Travelling Down The Castlereagh

15. Lachlan Tigers

16. South Australia

17. The Springtime It Brings On The Shearing