The Lawson Project -Digital Only

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Dobe Newton reads classic Henry Lawson short stories and poems with musical interludes. This is a great product for schools and libraries.

Disc One – Eight Classic Yarns

An Old Mate of your Father’s (12.04)
The Loaded Dog (17.28)
That There Dog of Mine (6.29)
The Drover’s Wife (15.41)
Another of Mitchell’s Plans (4.54)
Steelman (6.42)
Two Dogs And A Fence (4.43)
‘Arvey Aspinall’s Alarm Clock (10.01)

Disc Two – Seventeen Classic Bush Poems

Holy Dan (Trad Arr.) 2:56
The Practical Smoker (Don Henderson) 4:16
A Curious Reminiscence (Trad Arr.) 4:16
The Man From Snowy River (Patterson, Trad Arr.) 6:43
Tangmalangaloo (O’Brien,Trad Arr.) 2:44
The Original Football Jersey (Anthony Jack) 2.36
Been There Before (Trad Arr.) 1:27
Making a Champion (Trad Arr.) 1:10
A Snake Yarn (Trad Arr.) 1:10
The Swagless Swaggie (Trad Arr.) 2:33
The Man From Ironbark (Patterson, Trad Arr.) 3:40
The Smiths (‘Dryblower’, Trad Arr.) 3:28
Mulga Bill’s Bicycle (Patterson,Trad Arr.) 2:38
Billy Carpenter and Smith’s Elastic Brace (Anthony Jack) 3:11
Jones’ Selection (Trad Arr.) 2:47
Said Hanrahan (O’Brien,Trad Arr.) 3:09
Clancy Of The Overflow (Patterson, Trad Arr.) 3:21