The Official Dance Album And Book Pack | 2011 re-release


The complete bush dance pack!

Including the ‘Official Dance Album’ and the wirobound ‘Official Dance Book’.

PLEASE NOTE  The Bushwackers are an approved supplier for the NSW EDConnect System. Supplier number 100137808.

  • 25 bush dancing tracks in total.
  • Disc one has all The Bushwackers most popular dance tunes with two bonus songs.
  • Disc two has MORE tunes PLUS Dobe Newton calling out the dance instructions.
  • Bonus tracks including the award winning 'I Am Australian' co-written by Dobe Newton.
  • 32 page Official Dance Book is a companion to the Dance Album, complete with dance instructions and formations.

Please note: The ‘Dance Book’ is wirobound and designed as a ‘fast, get you dancing’ resource, it does not include the original sheet music.

Disc 1
Heel and Toe (Short)
The Heel And Toe Polka (Long)
The Queensland Backstep
Strip The Willow
The Drongo Tunes (A) (B) (C) & (D)
The Barn Dance
The Pride Of Erin
The Waves Of Bondi
The Stockyards
Under The Bridge
The Night Of The Bush Dance BONUS TRACK
I Am Australian BONUS TRACK

Disc 2
The Oxo Reel With Dance Call
Ned Kelly’s Farewell – BONUS TRACK
Soldier’s Joy – BONUS TRACK
Heel And Toe Polkas (Short Versio…
Heel And Toe Polkas (Progressive With Call)
The Queensland Backstep With Call
The Drongo (A) (B) (C) & (D) With Call
Strip The Willow With Call
The Barn Dance With Call
The Waves Of Bondi With Call
The Stockyards With Call
Under The Bridge With Call
The Pride Of Erin With Call