It’s been a while since Bushwackers fans have stomped the boards of clubs, pubs and halls in Sydney town, but Saturday September 24th the band is returning to our Aussie pub-folk roots to perform at the Empire Hotel in Annanadale.

Back in the 70’s and 80’s we toured relentlessly around and around the country.  Town after town turned out to catch the Bushwackers doing what they do best delivering hard hitting Australian folk songs played with attitude.

In those days we played any Sydney pub that would have us: The Caringbah, The Manly Vale, The Governors Pleasure, The Vicar Of Wakefield, Sweethearts, Selinas and many, many others. Even those days have passed, every time we play we bring back the magic and for one night on September the 24th the Bushwackers we intend to do our very best!