The Bushwackers On The Voice Australia 2023

The Bushwackers perform Australia’s unofficial anthem, I am Australian, on The Voice 2023.

We are excited to share with you all the news that Dobe and Roger performed on The Voice Australia, Monday August 21st at 7.30pm on The Seven network. 

Singing Australia’s unofficial anthem, which Dobe co-wrote with Bruce Woodley, of The Seekers, people might wonder why we are performing on Australia’s post-popular reality TV show. 

Back in the 70’s 80’s 90’s and noughties, TV was part of the band’s publicity trail. With regular appearances on The Midday show, The Mike Walsh Show, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Bert Newton and right back to Hey Hey It’s Saturday and even GTK on the ABC for our older fans, TV was a part of the music world back then. These days it has changed a lot, so this was a great chance for us to let Australia know that we are still around, playing great music and playing gigs to audiences around Australia. We are just as excited about The Bushwackers now, and we’d like to say in this moment, but Dobe and Rog are both feeling rather overwhelmed and seem to have leaky eyeballs from the response.

The Voice Australia was an interesting choice for us. I wanted to take on the challenge as it was a chance for a much wider and diverse audience to engage with our music, and I also wanted to see Dobe get the chance to play “I Am Australian” and be recognised for his part in the creation of such a unifying song. “I Am” is truly a national treasure of a song and it is so humbling and special to see it greeted with so much respect, love and joy on national TV. We are excited for the next chapter in this crazy ride” Roger

“Some of you will know that on rare occasions I may come across a tad cynical. I know – what a shock! Anyway, that night on The Voice Australia was totally memorable and involving. All the people on the story, wardrobe, artist and production teams were a joy to work with, but I certainly didn’t expect such heartfelt (and they were) words from the judges. A unique experience… straight to the pool room! – Dobe

We both want to thank you for all your kind words to the reponse and thankyou for being a part of our journey! 


If you miss the show catch up on  7Plus app and look for The Voice episode 7.


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